Why You Need to Use Translation Memory if You Produce Several Products

Translation memories – how can you save time and money?

No matter what kind of business you are running, every time you require a translation for one of your products, there is a topic that will certainly be mentioned by the translation agency you have chosen to work with. I am talking about the translation memory ”issue”. Before going into details about why this helps your translator offer better services, let’s see what you need to know about it.

It is basically a type of database that is commonly used nowadays because it helps translators leverage certain terms. What this memory does is offer the best match for a certain word or phrase. The information from this database is compared with the translator’s current text and the most suitable translated option is provided according to the highest level of coincidence.

You can already imagine how useful this tool proves to be for translators, since it saves them plenty of time, especially if they learn various tips and tricks as well. Another problem that is being solved by these tools is that of difficult terms or phrases which are wrongly translated into another language because they are very hard to find.

So what are the benefits of a translation memory tool for your business if you need to translate texts about several products? Well, there are three main advantages that come into play:

1. Quality comes first

If your product has different versions, but the same functions or similar characteristics, this means that all descriptions related to it, like instructions manual, structural descriptions or even promotional material, have to be translated in a similar way, taking into account every key term that has already been used. In big projects where the material has dozens of pages, you can only keep track by using this tool. Otherwise, translators will be tempted to change the key terms we previously mentioned, thus affecting the product’s description.

The translation memories will automatically provide the same terms whenever necessary and according to the text’s characteristics. This is how your translation will manage to have the consistency that is crucial for quality marketing content or accurate indications regarding your product.

2. Tight deadlines? No problem with Translation Memories!

Now this one is pretty logical: Once a translator has different samples of the text that was used for a similar product, it is easier and faster to translate the material regarding your new product. There may be entire passages which can be pasted into the current product’s translation from the old one. The result will be that project deadlines will be easier to meet.

3. Money, always money

If you have already paid for certain sentences or passages which repeat themselves in your products’ translation and the tool recognizes them, you will be paying less for those parts of the text if the same words are passed on to the new translation.

Be sure to only work with translation agencies that use translation memory

In the end, there are many advantages to using a translation memory tool. If you are currently searching for a translation agency that is able to provide you with this service and deliver quality translations for your product-related materials, then don’t hesitate to contact our team at Slavis and we’ll make sure you’ll get a free translation quote.