How Should Brands Approach a Local Market?

Local market – every brand that wants to market one or more of their products to a different target audience thinks about how those products are going to be accepted and embraced.

When marketing a product on a local market, companies need to make sure that they understand the language and the culture that this new market has. The promotional materials or the offers that work for a market might not work for another one. The key to good marketing is finding a way to connect with the new audience. That way, they will be more inclined to buy your products.

Best approach practices

Some cultures are more sensitive than others, so when entering a new local market, companies have to pay attention to the things that could cause conflict or controversy.

For example, a certain word in the English language could mean a totally different thing in another country. And if that word happens to be the name of the product, people won’t be interested in buying it if it’s something offensive to them.

We believe you heard of the US tissues brand Puffs. When they entered the German market, they kept the original English name. As it turns out, in German, Puff means whorehouse.

Of course that there are also some brands that decide against making small changes to language-related aspects because they don’t want to alter their identity and, instead, they decide to keep all of their campaigns universal for many countries.

What happens when a brand doesn’t go local

Before deciding to use an international campaign, every company should first find out whether it would be a good fit for all the countries. It can be anything from a certain word or phrase to a specific behavior that can be unacceptable in a certain culture.

The success of launching your brand on a local different market is strongly related to knowing all the differences that can make or break the campaign.

Basically, you will want to have a well-thought-out strategy while you’ll also keep your brand’s identity.

Advantages of marketing translations

A good marketing copy is well-written and provides value to the audience it’s aimed at. Good content is definitely a key factor to a brand’s reputation and its position on the market.

Every marketing copy has its own purpose, whether it’s to communicate the benefits of your products or to inform the audience about your brand. After you define its purpose, it’s time to sketch the profile of your audience. In a new local market, you have to be aware of all cultural differences so your message will be accurate.

All these small details you might miss are carefully inspected by translation agencies. Our job is to be aware of cultural beliefs or traditions that are important for a different market.

Market your brand in a local market with us

When expanding your company internationally, you will not only need marketing copies, but you will also need to have your documents and any other legal materials translated, whether it’s presentations, brochures or product descriptions.

If you want to get your free quote, then contact us and we can show you what we can do for you and your brand. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to find out more about our services.