What is Computer Aided Translation (CAT) & Why It Is Important?

Computer Aided Translation (CAT) software, like Trados or Transit, are systems based on a translation memory (TM).

Their role is to optimize the translation process resulting in reduced translation time, and less work for the translator.

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Creating Additional Solutions to Speed Up Time to Completion!

Supporting tools (Translation Software) for Translation Business – many projects require the development of additional solutions. Here’s how we handle this situation at Slavis:

To begin, we perform an analysis of the received text. We may change its structure or format, and/or create supporting tools allowing us to modify the text or improve control over the translation process. The aim is always the same: achieve the fastest possible time to completion at the lowest possible cost, whilst fulfilling all of our clients’ requirements. Among the types of tools that we might create are:

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The Importance of Business Document Translation Services

Business Document Translation Services – see how it is important.

Learn more about significance of business document translation services for your company. And why it’s important to have your translation done in a professional way.

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Brochure—There’s a Chance Yours Won’t Be Thrown into Trash

Brochure – There’s a Chance Yours Won’t Be Thrown into Trash

Is it just a slit of paper no one even doesn’t bother to look at? Or could brochures convey your message in an eye-catching and handsome form? Find it out here.

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International SEO – Translation vs. Localization

International SEO – with businesses expanding globally and breaking the cultural and geographical boundaries around them, a business plan and efficient strategies are required to be in place. Most importantly, with business expansion, the need for translation services arises. These translation services should be carried out by experienced and professional translators who understand the need of international SEO and website translation for a business that is pursuing growth, reaching new markets and have the relevant SEO experience.

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Why Invest in English to Albanian Translation?

English to Albanian Translation

Translation deals with much more than linguistics. It does not merely involve the conversion of words from one language to another but in fact, it holds considerable cultural and social significance. Translation is a means to facilitate cultural exchange and it requires much more than being familiar with different languages. In order to correctly translate a piece of text, so that it does not lose its meaning and purpose, you need to have considerable social and cultural awareness. Only then you can translate to create an impact on your audience.

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Instruction Manual – Haven’t You Forgot About Sth?

Instruction Manual – when you are in translation business, preparing a ready translation for publishing or for your client, you often find yourself missing translation for a small piece that escaped your attention.

What to do in such a situation? Put trust in the translation quality of online automatic translation machines? It may do more harm than good. Look for an ASAP translation from one of your suppliers? It may be too time-consuming.

The best solution for you is to turn to our concise list and find the translation into the language you require.

Instruction Manual in other languages – check the list below:

EN – English – English (language)
Translation of the original instruction manual


BE – Belarusian – Беларуская мова
Пераклад арыгiнальнай iнструкцыi па эксплуатацыі

BG – Bulgarian – Български
Превод на оригиналната инструкция за употреба

BS – Bosnian – Bosanski /// Босански
Prevod originalnih uputa za uporabu /// Превод оригиналних упута за упорабу

CS – Czech – Čeština
Překlad originálního návodu k použití

DE – German – Deutsch
Übersetzung der Originalbetriebsanleitung

ET – Estonian – Eesti
Originaalkasutusjuhendi tõlge

EL – Greek – Ελληνικά
Μετάφραση του πρωτότυπου εγχειριδίου χρήσης

ES – Spanish – Español
Traducción del manual de instrucciones original

FR – French – Français
Traduction du manuel d’instructions d’origine

HR – Croatian – Hrvatski
Prijevod izvornih uputa

HU – Hungarian – Magyar
Az eredeti használati utasítás fordítása

IT – Italian – Italiano
Traduzione del manuale di istruzioni originale

KK – Kazakh – Қазақша
Бастапқы нұсқаулығын аудару

LT – Lithuanian – Lietuvių
Originalios instrukcijos vertimas

LV – Latvian – Latviešu
Orģinālās instrukcijas tulkojums

MK – Macedonian – Македонски
Превод на оригиналнотo упатство за употреба

NL – Dutch – Nederlands
Vertaling van de originele handleiding

PL – Polish – Polski
Tłumaczenie oryginalnej instrukcji obsługi

PT – Portuguese – Português
Tradução do manual de instruções original

RO – Romanian – Română
Traducere manual original de instrucțiuni

RU – Russian – Русский
Перевод оригинального руководства по эксплуатации

SK – Slovak – Slovenčina
Preklad originálneho návodu na použitie

SL – Slovenian – Slovenščina
Prevod originalnega navodila za uporabo

SQ – Albanian – Gjuha shqipe
Përkthimi i manualit origjinal të udhëzimit

SR – Serbian – Srpski /// Српски
Prevod originalnog uputstva za upotrebu /// Превод оригиналног упутства за употребу

TR – Turkish – Türkçe
Orijinal kullanım kılavuzunun çevirisi

UK – Ukrainian – Українська мова
Переклад оригінальної інструкції з експлуатації


And how do you say it in your language? Feel free to leave your feedback below!


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Tips to Keep in Mind When Looking for Translation Services

TRANSLATION SERVICES – it is no secret that in today’s fast-paced and multicultural world, translation services are a must, especially if you are working in the export/import industry. Without documents and forms being properly translated, the entire business has to suffer, so consequently you also stand to lose a lot. This is why it is vital to make sure all the forms and documents you need are translated in time.

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