Investing in Human Translations Is Better than Going with Google Translate

Many business owners seem to be convinced that Google Translate is the solution to any language barrier they might encounter, specifically when they export products, so they don’t even think about looking up a reliable agency that provides quality human translations.

But Google Translate is not as efficient as you might think.

Let’s just take a brief look at how it works. It mainly operates on the idea of Statistical Machine Translation. This means it gets the information it needs from the Internet and ranks it in order to choose the best pair of words that fits a certain language.

This will often result in translation mistakes, something that is unacceptable when running a business. If you are still not convinced that human translations are the better option, then check out some of the other benefits they have to offer:

1. Human translations come with the advantage of subject-related knowledge

When it comes to technical or legal translations, you simply cannot rely on something like Google Translate.

This is because it lacks vital subject knowledge, so you might end up using phrases that do not work at all. A human translator, on the other hand, has the capability to analyze the context and see which words would work best.

Of course, you cannot just go with any translation agency, because specialized types of translations require experts who are familiar with the subject.

However, once you do find a translation agency you can trust, you will be able to rest easy knowing that you will get your money’s worth.

2. Human translations offer creativity

This is one aspect in which Google Translate cannot trump human ingenuity.

Creativity is needed when performing translations in order to find the best way to express a certain messages, since certain words in one language might not exist in another.

In this case, the problem with Google Translate is the fact that it is based around word-for-word translations.

This means that it won’t be able to offer you correct translations that will help you impress your business associates. Not only this, but it might even offend some of them.

Never forget that machines lack the very thing that makes us human and helps us empathize with others in order to construct messages in a way that appeals to their emotions.

3. Human translations understand the culture aspect

Culture is one aspect that cannot be ignored when it comes to translations, especially if you plan to expand on a local market.

As mentioned above, ignoring cultural norms when translating for your business can result in you offending potential clients and investors.

Human translations make use of cultural sensitivity to avoid this disaster. They can use different styles of speech to sell a service/product to a target audience that might not normally be interested in them because of cultural conflicts.

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