Why You Should Leave Brochure Translation Services to the Professionals

Brochure translation services – A company brochure is like a business card for your company. Every business should have one, no matter the type of industry.

A brochure only shows a piece of your company to the person who is browsing through it, but it shows the part that matters the most, the details that will make people say „I want to do business with you” or „I want to become your client”.

Brochure translation services are an important part of the brochure creation process, assuming that you already are on the international market or you plan to expand.

In this article, we’re going to talk about why you should create a corporate brochure (which is our next point) and why it’s important to use professional services when it comes to the need of brochure translation services.

Why you should take the time to invest in a brochure

Having a creative brochure design is a vital marketing tool for various situations:

  • When meeting with potential clients – When your sales team meets with prospects, it’s a good idea to not go empty-handed or with a PowerPoint presentation. The advantage of a company brochure is that the prospects can keep it and whenever they want to review what your company has to offer, they will find all the information they need in one place.
  • At conferences – Conferences are great for gaining more exposure for your company, so prepare for them by creating an amazing brochure design. Visitors and representatives from other companies will pass by your booth and they are going to be curious about what you do. The first step towards creating a connection with them is the brochure.
  • Because it’s multi-purpose – You can use a brochure for various purposes, like the ones I presented above, or to make your actual clients have more confidence in you and your company. Alternatively, you can also use it to attract investors. Depending on the case, you may want to adjust the content just a little bit, so that it will fit the audience you want to reach.
  • Because it’s a tangible marketing material – While a commercial on TV or on the radio will last for 30 seconds or under, a brochure is something that will remain in a person’s house until they throw it out. And if your brochure has an attractive, creative design and is packed with interesting information, then it has higher chances to reach its goals.

How is brochure translation going to help my business?

Now you might be asking yourself: Why should I translate my corporate brochures? Isn’t it enough if I have it in English or in my country’s native language?

And the answer is „No”. By having your brochure translated in many different languages, you will be able to reach a wider audience, whether we’re talking about clients or business partners.

According to this survey, consumers are more likely to buy a product that has information about it in their own language. This means that if someone sees your company’s brochure and it’s not in their native language, they will most likely ignore it.

Also, if your brochure is in the same language they speak, they will spend more time researching your company and finding out who you are. More than 50% of today’s consumers will pay more attention to your business if your materials are translated in their own language.

Language is a powerful barrier that can influence the decision of a consumer when it comes to buying your products. Even if someone speaks English very well, they will still prefer you to have a brochure in their own language in case you decide to enter the market they’re in.

Leave brochure translation services to the professionals

This is why you should do it:

  • A company brochure is an important sales assetBrochures act both like a marketing and a sales tool at the same time. Over time, they become important aspects that will help consolidate your brand’s image.
    If you really want to make a sale, then choose to have your brochure translated by an agency because you will have a team of people working on it.
  • It sends the desired messageAgencies can provide quality translations of brochures, while making sure the translated version of the original brochure sends the same message and that it will also generate the desired impact on the foreign audience.
  • You need translators who have different skills An agency has plenty of translators and each one has a different set of skills. If there are translators who have plenty of experience with specific materials, then they will be assigned to them. This way, your brochure will be accurate from a marketing perspective.
  • Translate the same brochure in many different languages Chances are that if you work with a freelance translator, he or she will not be able to deliver translated versions of your brochure in more than ten languages, for example. If you plan to meet with potential clients or investors from all over the world, then you will need to have your brochure translated in more than one language. If you decide to work with an agency, then you have this covered. The only thing you will have to worry about is making sure that you talk to the right people.
  • The content will be reviewed – When working with translation agencies, they will make sure that they review all the translated content before they send it back to you. For that, many agencies, like us for instance, use CAT Tools, an extremely reliable program which helps detect any translation mistakes. It is also good for making sure that there is consistency throughout the terms, especially if the language that is used is more technical. It’s important your prospects don’t spot any linguistic mistakes which could potentially harm your reputation.
  • Avoid cultural mistakes – Once the translators know the language in which they need to translate a certain brochure, they will make sure to avoid any phrases or words that can transform the translated text into something offensive for that culture. This is definitely something that you’d want to avoid if you want to grow your business.
  • Quick turnaround – At Slavis, we offer quality, because we work efficiently in order to meet our clients’ deadlines, but we also work fast. If you have a meeting with foreign investors or with a prospect and you still don’t have your brochure translated, then working with professionals will save you.

Brochure translation services are an important part of your marketing strategy

Brochures are just a small part of your marketing materials. If you plan on expanding on the international market, then you should start thinking about translating all of your materials ahead of time.

There are certainly other important things when it comes to expanding to foreign markets, but language is probably the biggest barrier that companies face. Even though we can’t learn every language that is spoken in this world, we can make a small effort and use translation services.

If you’re ever in need of brochure translation services, or any type of translations for that matter, feel free to contact us so that we can talk more about your project.