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What Skills Define Our Native Translators?

Native Translators – on our blog, we’ve already talked about the importance of CAT Tools and how they help us deliver quality translations. But what we didn’t talk about until now are our native translators.

Every translation agency needs to have skilled native translators

We’ve managed to become a leading translation services provider because we focus on quality. The quality of our services is defined not only by the advanced technology we use that helps us deliver highly accurate translations, but also by our translators.

Our reputation is based on delivering translations that speak our clients’ language both technically and culturally. All of this can be achieved only by our native translators.

What skills define our translators

  • Extensive knowledge of their native language. It is necessary for translators to have more than a basic knowledge of the language they speak. They don’t only need to be aware of the differences that might come up between the source and the target language, but to also be a good writer and have excellent grammar.
  • Reading and comprehension. A translator’s job is to first read and understand the text that he/she is going to translate. No one can possibly describe something they don’t understand, so these skills are extremely important. Also, these skills are vital because they will help the translators use the right language and style when making the actual translation.
  • Know about culture differences. Culture differences are so important because people are extremely sensitive when it comes to them. Plus, they usually get defensive when someone says an inappropriate thing about their culture, even though they didn’t want it to sound that way. These small details help native translators figure out when or how to say something in order to not offend anyone.
  • The ability to work with computer programs. A skilled translator will also easily navigate through computer programs, especially since nowadays most agencies use CAT Tools. At Slavis, we emphasize the fact that we can deliver quality translations and produce a higher amount of work in the same amount of time. We rely on the fact that our translators have the same mindset and that we can work together with people that can combine their passion for translations with a little bit of computer knowledge.
  • Translation certification/degree. A translation certification will do in this case. A certification or some sort of proof is required because it’s the base of the future development of a translator. It ensures him/her the place in an agency where the translator will then be able to develop all of the skills required to become the best at what they do.

The quality of our services is reflected by our translators

We put trust in them because they definitely proved themselves over time. It’s enough to just look at our happy clients to see that we’re a translation company you can trust.

If you’re looking for quality translations in Central and East European languages, among others as well, just contact us today to get your free quote. Also, feel free to ask us about any details you’d like to know regarding our services and how we can help you.