How CAT Tools Help Us Deliver Quality Translating Services

CAT Tools, or Computer-assisted translation Tools are of great help for our translating services. We use Trados (SDL Trados 2007 / SDL Trados Studio 2014) and Transit XV to deliver the most accurate and efficient translations just for you.

We decided to show you how many ways these tools can help do our job better so that you know you’re dealing with professionals that take every client seriously.

This is how CAT Tools help us every day.

1. We can translate a higher volume of documents.

Thanks to SDL Trados, we are able to translate hundreds of pages quickly and accurately. Even though a high volume of work usually means that the quality of the translating services will decrease, our skill and expertise defies these odds.

The terminology and the style of the translation remains consistent all throughout the materials. This is vital if you want to localize your products into a new foreign market.

2. CAT Tools and our work is more consistent.

Technical translations are a challenge because of the terminology, but with CAT Tools, technical documents are easy to deal with.

Legal, financial, and scientific documents fit in this category as well. In different cultures, the same phrases or even words can have different meanings. That’s why it’s important for a tool like this to standardize glossaries, and use these technical terms when translating, but with significantly less effort.

3. Being more productive.

CAT Tools - Slavis Translation Services
CAT Tools

Pre-translating is a feature that pretty much does the job for us. Because of that, we can do so much work in the same amount of time. Of course, the translation memory only works when there are similar documents. Nevertheless, it’s a great productivity and efficiency boost.

4. Being able to a have a review process.

Printing the pages on paper is one the most effective ways that helps us do the review of the work. But sometimes, we are not able to print some of the materials. This is where CAT Tools come in handy.

On-screen review will align the segments, which will make the process much faster, easier, and efficient. With review being the final step of the translation process, it’s important that we make no mistakes here, and that we don’t miss a single error.

5. It helps us ask for a fair price.

CAT Tools help us analyze our work, so that we ask our clients a fair price for our translating services. Word count, analyzing the text, comparing how much of the material has been translated, and the segments and units from a document are all important when charging a client.

6. It makes typing and work easier.

When using CAT Tools, we have the segments on the screen, and we only need to type in certain things. Also, as we continue to do the work, we won’t have to re-type the same words over and over again, because our system has translation memory. That being said, in time, similar documents will already have a better pre-translation.

We Strive To Make Our Clients Happy With Our Translating Services

We know that our clients look for all of these things listed above, and we want to satisfy their needs. CAT Tools are just what we need, whether we have hundreds of pages to translate, or we want to make sure that the translations are error free.

If this is what you’re looking for as well, then contact us and get your free quote from us.