Computer Assisted Translation

Why You Should Only Hire Agencies That Use Computer Assisted Translation

Computer Assisted Translation Tools (CAT Tools) are what we use every single day at Slavis, so that we can offer our clients quality translation services.

Even though the word „computer” might scare you, you should know right from the start that CAT has nothing to do with machine translation. More than that, there are many important differences between these two.

However, the focus of this article is to show you how computer assisted translation tools improve the work of every translation agency that uses them, and why you should hire one.

1. Consistent Translations

One of the most important things in translations is that they need to be consistent in all of the materials, whether we’re talking about a single brochure, or a manual that has hundreds of pages. The terminology, the abbreviations, and the names of the product have to be the same in a multilingual material.

Computer Assisted Translation Tools have a feature that allows the translator to reuse phrases and terms previously used.

2. Lower Rates

Translation memory (TM) is what makes the workflow much easier, and it also reduces the costs. Any CAT tool has a translation memory database, and before a document is translated, it is analyzed in order to calculate the word count, and an overall cost.

For example, if a company uses the same agency to translate its materials, overtime the cost of the translations will decrease. If they will have to make a modification to some document, they will only be charged for the actual changes, and not for the whole document, because of the TM.

3. Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance feature, that is integrated in most of the computer assisted translation tools, has all kinds of helpful uses. It makes the translators' job much easier, because this feature highlights and detects numbering errors, inconsistency in the translation, formatting and grammatical errors, missing translations, and it also auto-corrects where necessary.

Overall, quality assurance saves a lot of time in the translation process.

4. Reduced Time in Translations

Companies often want to work with agencies which can deliver quality translations, especially with the ones that take little time to deliver. CAT tools fit in these two categories. Valuable time is saved, because the translators do not have to manually cross-reference every material thanks to the translation memory.

5. Search Previous Translations

With SDL Trados, translators can search for translations that are already in the translation memory. If you, as a client, cannot remember whether you already have the translation for a certain material, this can be easily checked with a tool like SDL Trados.

6. Working With Different Source Files

It’s very important for an agency to work with a variety of original source files, starting with web formats, graphic files, desktop published files, and others. The CAT tool makes it possible for all these type of documents to be translated, and processed. You will also want the agency to be able to deliver the translation in the format of your choice.

Computer Assisted Translation Tools Improve the Translators' Work

Next time you’re going to need a translation agency, you’ll know what to look for, and what to ask them about the CAT tools they use.

If you want to test out our services, and see what we can do for you, just contact us to get a free translation quote. Your business can start growing with us.