Why Invest in English to Albanian Translation?

English to Albanian Translation

Translation deals with much more than linguistics. It does not merely involve the conversion of words from one language to another but in fact, it holds considerable cultural and social significance. Translation is a means to facilitate cultural exchange and it requires much more than being familiar with different languages. In order to correctly translate a piece of text, so that it does not lose its meaning and purpose, you need to have considerable social and cultural awareness. Only then you can translate to create an impact on your audience.

Presently, we reside in a global village where geographical, ethnic and cultural divides are becoming vaguer with time. Cultural and social exchange has been re-defined to support trade and commercial purposes at a global level. Impactful and effective translation plays a key role in this area and its importance simply cannot be neglected.


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Moreover, moving to and settling down in a different country is a growing trend in the present day and age. Today, diverse metropolises display diversity in terms of culture, ethnicity, etc. London is a typical example of one such metropolis and it is home to residents belonging to wide-ranging backgrounds. Overtime, Albanians have emerged out as a distinct segment of the London populace- a fact that emphasises the growing need for English to Albanian translations.

Albanian language finds its roots in the Indo-European family tree. It is the only Indo-European language that has survived and has not faced the peril of redundancy. It presently has 6,000,000 speakers all over the world and enjoys the status of being the official language in Albania and Kosovo. Additionally, it is also spoken in Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Italy and Greece.

As Albanian community in Britain continues to grow, the Albanian influence can be felt all over. This covers the language aspect too. It is not a long time away when English to Albanian translation will be considered a need of time. This calls for due consideration to be given to English Albanian translation in various circles. There are many reasons to support this claim some of which are elaborated below.

Communicate with 6,000,000 Albanian Speakers Worldwide

If you want to expand your boundaries and emerge as a leading entity in your field at a global level, there are various factors that you need to take into account. Translation is one of those.

Presently, there are approximately 6,000,000 Albanian speakers worldwide. 6,000,000 is big figure that demands due consideration. Since speakers of Albanian language make up a considerable segment of the world population, it becomes important for any business that aims to make its presence felt in various geographical regions to invest in English to Albanian translation.

During the growth phase, businesses and commercial entities consistently devise strategies to increase their consumer base. Investing in English to Albanian translation services, businesses can make sure that they are able to communicate better with a sizable consumer segment and can increase their chances of success.

Approximately 100,000 Albanians Reside in the UK

Today, Albanian community in the UK consists of approximately 100,000 residents. This sizable segment is composed of native Albanian speakers who are likely to feel more comfortable when communicated with in their mother tongue.

There is a need to address the issues Albanian speakers in the UK and English to Albanian translation is one of the key aspects that need to be considered in this respect. English to Albanian translation is to facilitate cultural and social exchange with Albanian natives which will eventually help with the development of a more progressive society. Healthy cultural and social exchange is crucial for ensuring the creation and an enlightened society and English to Albanian translation can play an important role in this respect.

Lower Down Communication Barriers at Workplace

Since Albanian community in the UK is continually expanding, Albanians are now working in various sectors and professional fields. This calls for the implementation of important measures at workplaces to facilitate native Albanian speakers. Investing in English Albanian translation, organisations and businesses can lower down communication barriers at workplace and can reduce the chances of miscommunication.

Effective communication at workplace leads to higher efficiency and productivity. English to Albanian translation is one way to make sure that Albanian speakers are accommodated well at workplace. This will lead to better communication and understanding and will ultimately result in higher efficiency and productivity.

Explore a Budding Consumer Segment

Growing number of Albanians in the UK is not only indicative of the need to implement measures for lowering down communication barriers at workplace but it also hints towards the rise of a budding consumer segment. This distinct consumer segment shows immense potential for exploration and in the near future it is expected to occupy a significant position in the market. This offers a lucrative opportunity for businesses. Hence, businesses need to allocate resources for creating and implementing an impactful marketing strategy, of which effective communication is a key aspect. Investing in English to Albanian translation businesses will be better able to communicate and engage this consumer segment.

English to Albanian Translation – Increase Your Reach

In order to increase your reach and to acquire a more prominent position in the marketplace, businesses need to explore various consumer segments. Presently, numerous consumer segments have emerged that are defined by distinct and diverse demographics. Albanian speakers form one of these segments. For businesses that want to further penetrate the consumer market and increase their reach, it is really crucial to explore this consumer segment in an effective manner. Investing in English to Albanian translation, businesses can create a greater impact which will be a step forward in increasing their reach.

Today, growing need for English to Albanian translation is being felt among various circles. Moreover, the translation needs to be done so that the translated content remains to as meaningful and influential as the original content. This requires professional assistance. Understanding the increasing demand for English to Albanian translation Slavis offers professional help for this purpose. We translate your content from English to Albanian using latest version of SDL Trados Studio so that it accurately communicates your intended message without losing out on the original meaning and purpose.