The Internet Trend Report 2015 Shows the Need for Translation Services

Most businesses struggle with the language barrier that stands between them and their potential customers from all over the world. This is where translation service comes into play. Their role is to facilitate the communication between a company and their audience.

No matter how much a person would need a certain product or a service, in order to respond to the offer, that person needs to feel a connection. A connection that is possible only if that company will speak the same language as said person.

Sometimes, we can’t even believe how much it matters for someone to speak clearly to us, so that we won’t have to make any effort to understand what they have to say.

What the report shows

translation service


Did you know that back in 1995 a little less than 1% of the world’s population was using the Internet? And those that did use it were probably not using it for complex purposes. Worldwide, 4 in 10 people are using the Internet (in 2014) and this number is growing.

In the USA, online sales increased by 8%, compared to 1998 when less than 1% of people were shopping online. American, Chinese, Japanese and Korean companies are in the top 20 companies that are on the Internet.

What it means

First of all, eCommerce is growing more and more every year. The retail market has become extremely competitive and if businesses do not acknowledge the importance of crafting personalized messages for new markets, then they will lose whatever advantage they might have had.

Now, people are choosing to make online transactions pretty much all the time. Besides using translation services, the websites of companies that want to expand globally will need to localize their processes and adapt to each market, starting with the way they are addressing their customers and ending with the method of payment that is used.

Here’s a fact: A little over 50% of the people who buy online will choose to buy from a website that has all the information in that person’s native language.

That being said, if your website is only in English, but you get plenty of traffic and visitors from Asian countries, they will not become your customers because of the language barrier.

Language shouldn’t be a barrier when there is translation service available

Any company that wants to reach audiences from other countries will have to adapt to each and every culture, and language is a big part of that. As a business, you have to make sure that your audience understands your message.

If your potential customers from other countries understand what you’re trying to say because you speak their language, you can create a dialogue with them and make a connection. Translation service will only bring your audience closer, causing them to become more engaged with you.

Today, a lot of small companies are fighting to gain that competitive advantage and reach new markets by translating their brochures, manuals, marketing materials, presentations, product descriptions or technical documents.

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