Creating Additional Solutions to Speed Up Time to Completion!

Supporting tools (Translation Software) for Translation Business – many projects require the development of additional solutions. Here’s how we handle this situation at Slavis:

To begin, we perform an analysis of the received text. We may change its structure or format, and/or create supporting tools allowing us to modify the text or improve control over the translation process. The aim is always the same: achieve the fastest possible time to completion at the lowest possible cost, whilst fulfilling all of our clients’ requirements. Among the types of tools that we might create are:


We write VBA macros to carry out the simplest tasks. In case of more complex projects we use C++ and C# (Microsoft Visual Studio 2010).


Translation of GUI elements, part lists, or elements of complex tables, should not be longer then the source text, which can often contain many symbols, dates, or longer lines of digits, all of which leaves too much room for error during the translation process.

We develop supporting tools allowing translators to observe these character limits, and additionally allow us to check whether the translated digits, dates, etc. are consistent with the original, and that the terminology is uniform with the client’s terminology list.

In addition to these supporting tools we may also conduct text analysis and correction.


If the analyzed text is correctly formatted, containing no unnecessary line breaks for example, CAT analysis allows us to pick up a considerable number of repetitions and segments consistent with the segments stored in the translation memory. We correct such line breaks and formatting if required; the outcome: a generally more favorable CAT analysis, which also means faster completion and lower translation costs.


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