Books Online—Buy, Read, Publish and Translate

Books Online—Buy, Read, Publish and Translate

The age of books is dawning? Learn about new possibilities offered via Web. Books online—buying, reading, publishing and translating!

What’s in It for You?

Do we need to buy or sell books? Publish and read them? Get access to them? The answers are—‘Yes’. Not all and everything at once, nevertheless, books remain inherent part of our world. The only change is that they become less and less ‘paper’. They transit, like everything else around, into digital form. No matter how fond of paper books you are, for a contemporary day-to-day book-user going online brings more pros than cons.

And what’s in it for an average user? An abundance of possibilities that, for example, online reading, online book publishing or electronic books offer for the taking.

What Can You Get Online?

The type of services you require, or access to the type of resources you need depends on the nature of your activities. These can include quite a variety. To name just a few:

  • online book stores
  • electronic books
  • online book publishing
  • book publishing companies and printers
  • book repositories
  • online book reading services
  • etc.

Besides the above, online book services give you the possibilities to venture with your book (if you are an author) or with your literary translation. Thanks to online resources you can get access to extensive databases, online tutorials, and web-based DIY guidebooks on:

Just like with the very books—you are limited only by your imagination. Online services bring anything that you are looking for at your fingertips. Discretion is advised, though. For the Web is opened and accessible to everyone, thus you will find valuable content, as well as online garbage. That’s why professional guidance is something you should think of.

Online Book Trading—The Choice Is Yours

Many of us think that selling or buying books is a piece of cake. And it’s hard to disagree. You go to a bookstore, choose a book and buy it. Or you take your book, go to a second-hand bookshop and sell it.

Can anything be easier than this?

If your answer is ‘No’, you should try online book trading. It’s easy, it’s cheap, it’s all that one might expect from such a service.

Just browse the Web, choose an online (second-hand) bookstore and voilà! You may browse vast book indices and repositories, search what you need, conveniently order and pay (or receive payment) for a chosen publication. You may also use services of comparison shopping web site, which will help you to choose, e.g., the best price. Or services of online auction and shopping web site if you have a taste for bidding the publication you look for. Everyone will find something for one’s taste.

This is what you should look for when choosing online book trading services:

  • easy access
  • large repository
  • low prices
  • short delivery times
  • translations of the publications

Electronic Books—The Convenience You Won’t Resist

Do you physically need a printed paper book to read it? More than ever before—no, you do not. Books, or, in a wider perspective, any printed content, are becoming more commonly stored in a digital form. Digital, thus easier and more conveniently accessible than good old-fashioned paperback. You do not need to drag your favourite, though sometimes very heavy, paper publication around with you. You may take it with you in a form of digital file. Disadvantage? It’s not a paper book. Advantages? Numerous, e.g.:

  • easy access over the Web
  • save of space
  • comfort of reading on various and different devices (e-book readers, smartphones, tablet PCs)
  • low price
  • possibility of printing hard copies for own use
  • etc.

No wonder that electronic books get a larger share of the market with each year. But what electronic books and electronic book readers should feature, to be the first choice, over the traditional book? Just have a look—it should:

  • navigate easily
  • be clearly legible
  • be convenient in use
  • secure internet access
  • secure access to many titles and archives/repositories
  • allow for updates
  • allow the disabled to receive the content via e.g. playing back the sound file

Books online Publishing Or Book Printing—Is There a Difference?

Many tend to think that publishing and printing a book boils down to the same thing. But it doesn’t. At least not entirely. You may print a book without publishing it—for your own use, when you print your favourite e-book (provided property rights owner makes provisions for this). And you may publish a book, without printing it, which is becoming a regular routine nowadays. It’s common for many to have their books published in electronic form only.

But what’s the pathway to publishing a book? There are two roads: traditional and online. If you are a conservative, you look for book publishing companies interested in publishing your book. It’s a tiresome path. Rarely do the publishers think high of a random author’s work. If you want to do the publishing the online style, you turn to self-publishing.

Understanding the Importance of Professional Publishing

It is vital to understand that nowadays professional does not mean costly and troublesome. Online publishing services allow every author to get his or her book self-published. Such services offer all the tools a future author of top-sellers might be in need of. Online publishers let you control the very process of publishing, the way your book is created, its layout, where and how you want to promote, sell or distribute it. Online services give you freedom, create opportunities, provide you with tools (like book makers and DTP applications).

Translation of Your Book—Professional Translation Service Is a Must

A translation services like Slavis are indispensable if you think of having your book or any other publication translated. The translation needs to be fluent, well-written as well as well-researched. You need a service provider who has the extensive knowledge of numerous expressions that are culture-bound and words that would mean something entirely different in another language. A translation bureau will be able to guide you in choosing DTP format and help you decide upon an experienced linguistic professional, suitable to your need.


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